Our Pastor: George Wasson

Position Description:

As the head pastor of our church, Pastor Wasson oversees many things. Pastor Wasson is responsible for overseeing the general health of our Church, shepherding our members, representing our Church to the public, and setting vision, as well as guiding our staff.

About Pastor Wasson:

Over the last 19 years Faithpoint church has been building a strong community of faith where Anyone can have the opportunity to belong, to believe, and to become all that God created them to be. Throughout the entirety of our churches existence Pastor Wasson has been with us.

Our church is best described as contemporary, relevant, and relational.  Our worship is celebratory and upbeat.  Our messages focus on what the Bible has to say about practical Christian living for the challenging times in which we live.I know what a struggle it is to live out one’s faith in today’s world.  After graduating from Indiana University School of Business, I spent ten years in the corporate world.  I also know first hand the temptations, frustrations, and challenges that Christians face every day.

Pastor Wasson left the corporate world in 1993 to attend Asbury Theological Seminary.  There he received a Master of Divinity degree in 1996 and later a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2002.  He has served  have served at churches in Lexington, KY., Houston, TX., and Cloverdale, IN.

In 2005 He married his wife Jenny Kanning and together they have two children, Kate & Brianne. In addition to being a full-time mom, Jenny has led several small groups and women’s studies. She also sings in our worship band.

Pastor Wasson says, “I want our church to be a place where we can discover together how to face each day and make a difference in our world.  Maybe you would too.  If you would like to find out more about Faithpoint, contact me at george@faithpointchurch.org.”