Sunday Morning Sunday School

[5 Mark & Susan McKay


9:15 – 10:15 in the Kitchen / Fellowship Hall

This Sunday morning class is led by Mark McKay, a seasoned Bible teacher as well as a history teacher in the New Albany Floyd County School system.

Anyone high school graduate age or older is welcome as we seek to deepen our faith and develop new friendships. All you need to bring is your Bible as we look at a variety of topics as well as entire books of the Bible.

For more information, contact Mark McKay at or call the church office at 812-923-0940!


No events currently planned. 


Each week we will be taking prayer requests and/or praises and sharing them on this page. 4 weeks shown at a time.

Additional prayer requests and/or praises can be emailed to our church anytime at

Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

 —–>PSM 119:18   Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from your law. [in the Bible]

       **PLEASE PRAY** 

MAR 10

  • Ally Turner – Pray for a 12 year old with mental illiness; may have to go to a group home?

  • Aisha Long – Prayer needed for a Hysterectomy, 4/26, & 2 procedures on legs in May & June!

  • Angie – Prayer for cancer treatments & her husband for strength.

  • Lynn – Prayer for her cancer treatment’s.

  • Xaiver – needs prayer for a 6yr old recovering from Tonsillectomy.

  • Norm – prayer needed for broken hip. [in rehab, 86 yrs old].

  • Janet – prayer for her dizziness.

  • Prayer – Mary in rehab with 100 lb of water on her lungs & in her body.

  • Shawn – Pray that he can get his car started 

  • Kathy & Ray – Pray for safe travels!

  • Judy – pray for brother Jeff, in hospice.

Debbie – Unspoken Prayers for “Peace” for a friend!  Also, prayer needed for my Sister Rose & husband, Matt, to Know Jesus, thru Matts bone marrow Transplant! 

MAR 17

  • O’Brien Family – Pray Brother-in-law has terminal Cancer!

  • Pray for Lou as he has debilitating pain in her body!

  • The  Martin Family – Pray for the loss of Grandmother, Fern.

  • Unspoken Prayer.

  • Please Pray – Angie has Cancer – husband, Jason, too!

  • Pray for Lynn – undergoing chemo treatments!

  • Pray needed for Shawn – working 3rd shift!

  • Charles – prayer needed – having leg surgery Tuesday.

  • Dan – Prayer needed for him to be able to say Truth to someone who doesn’t know the Lord!

  • Brian – Pray about his Dad health.

  • Steve – needs prayer for being a caregiver to his Wife!

  • Pray – For Janet about her dizziness!

  • Savanna L. – Pray for her classmate @ Indiana Weslian who was in a head on collision & is on Life-Support. [“Dakota”]

  • Please pray for Alex’s Mom. She is to have surgery this coming Friday. She was diagnosed with Colon Cancer & she will be having a Bowel Resection – [Kelley Purdue].

  • Debbie – Pray for friends daughter, waiting for Dr. results from a MRI to confirm that she has M.S.

  • Please pray for Judy’s brother, Jeff, in Hospice care!

  • Larry & Deby, Metting – Pray for Deb’s, brother-in-law, who is in His last stage of life; also pray for our friend, Cindi, who has Declined Dialysis!


  • Lynn, chemo continues, tests iin  the next 2 weeks

  • Pray – Need prayer for Matt Collins deployed to Jordan!

  • Ray & Kathy – pray needed for their travel to N.Y. to see Kathy’s Sister & Husband Being Baptist!


MAR 24

  • Josh P. – Pray for some of my friends at Asbury in my covent discipleship Group: Carl, Daryl, Riaan, & Alex. All have  had funerals, ministry struggles, & all are discerning next steps in their walk with God!

  • Malcolm – loss of Paula Chaplin. [Visitation  11:00 – 1:00, Monday March 25 @  Newcomers Funeral Home]

  • Russ – Pray for a new Job!

  • Charles – Pray for recovering from leg surgery!

  • Janet – Pray for her Dizziness.

  • Grace – Pray about anger at the church!

  • Mary – Pray about fluid building  up on lungs & body!

  • Garard – Pray for a family friend, Son, recovering from Brain Tumor Surgery.

  • Julie W. – Please Pray for peace in a part of my life & for my 2 Boys to come back to God!

  • Anne – Pray the Enemy attacking marriages going beyond being resilient of resisting the enemy but becoming a great ministry in our marriage!

  • Debbie – Praise God: Margarets Daughter does not have M.S.  Also, 2nd praise: My neibors little baby boy is still in the Hospital but getting better & getting stronger every day! 3rd Praise: My neibor,  Linda, had a mild heart attack thursday – doing WELL!

  • Judy Curry – Praise God my sister, Mary Ellen, recovering from Hip Replacement.

  • Kathy Yeager – Pray for Sean, my sister Sally, Amber & her children; her husband took his life at 52 yrs old. My sister-in-law Tracy & her Family need prayer – her brother over dosed.

  • Nicole Liddle – Savanna’s classmate, Dakota, was in a car accident on the way back to college after Spring Break, had a car accident and is in  critical condition with fluid on the brain, fractured facial bones and broken legs! Please pray for a decreased fluid on the Brain, breathing on his own, and NO brain damage!


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