Sunday Morning Sunday School

  • [5 Mark & Susan McKay


9:15 – 10:15 in the Kitchen / Fellowship Hall

This Sunday morning class is led by Mark McKay, a seasoned Bible teacher as well as a history teacher in the New Albany Floyd County School system.

Anyone high school graduate age or older is welcome as we seek to deepen our faith and develop new friendships. All you need to bring is your Bible as we look at a variety of topics as well as entire books of the Bible.

For more information, contact Mark McKay at or call the church office at 812-923-0940.


No events currently planned. 


Each week we will be taking prayer requests and/or praises and sharing them on this page.

Additional prayer requests and/or praises can be emailed to our church anytime at

“What we do in life echos in eternity.”

SEPT 12th

  • Michael Praise:  Lynn Vogt has survived cancer for 10 years. (This not expected)

  • Josh Praise:  Jim Clemmons is recoving from Covid.

  • Judy:  Continue pray in for sister’s recoving from knee replacement. (Louise)

  • Susan’s folks – recoving from illness!

  • Pray for the McKay’s. They are traveling to  J D @ Weaton College.

  • SEPT 5th

  • Paul Gunderman’s son has Covid.

  • Pray for us to remember that God is under control!

  • Continual Prayer for Judy’s sister. She is recovering from knee surgery. More knee surgeries in the future.