Sunday Morning Sunday School

  • [5 Mark & Susan McKay


9:15 – 10:15 in the Kitchen / Fellowship Hall

This Sunday morning class is led by Mark McKay, a seasoned Bible teacher as well as a history teacher in the New Albany Floyd County School system.

Anyone high school graduate age or older is welcome as we seek to deepen our faith and develop new friendships. All you need to bring is your Bible as we look at a variety of topics as well as entire books of the Bible.

For more information, contact Mark McKay at or call the church office at 812-923-0940.


No events currently planned. 


Each week we will be taking prayer requests and/or praises and sharing them on this page. 4 weeks shown  at a time

Additional prayer requests and/or praises can be emailed to our church anytime at

“What we do in life, echos in eternity.” 

OCT 23

  • Pray for Mike, he is not feeling well.

  • Pray for Bill as he returns from Waynesburg, KY.

  • Pray for Terry, Julie’s brother-in-law, who has heart issues and is not responding well.

  • Pray for Mike and Ann for their future together in South Bend, IN.

  • Praise and thanks to the Lord for the safe trip out west and to return, for Veneda and Lenne.

  • Josh Jackson, Gina’s son, needs prayer for his daily challenges!


  • Continued prayers for Faithpoint thru the Disaffiliation /process.

  • Pray that we apply Romans 12 to our lives.

  • Pray for Larry Baily (Nikki’s parents best friend) heart condition. (Septic)

  • Pray for the elections on Tuesday. God bless our our Country!

  • Pray for Mike’s parents (Chuck and Kathlene). Both have health concerns.

  • Pray for Mike and Ann as they prepare for their move to South Bend!

  • Pray for  Mike C. who is half-way thru Radiation treatments.

  • Pray for Judy’s brother-in-law Terry, who has heart issues.

OCT 30

  • PRAY for Gina’s daughter as she has a UTI.

  • Paul Gunterman as he needs prayers for his heart. Their are signs of rejection!

  • Pray for Mike and Terry. Judy’s husband and brother.

  • Susan’s parents have 58th wedding anniversary.

  • Stephanies Mom 1st anniversary without husband.

  • Dennis Johnson – Rays sons’, father-in-law, needs prayer.

  • Josh’s Dad needs prayer’s that the Lord works on his heart.

  • Michael’s Dad and Mom need prayer for their health issues.

  • Judy – Praise for Prayers from this group!

NOV 20

  • Kim’s parents are coming tonight & will return for Thanksgiving. They will visit their Aunt tomorrow, as she is being  handled with Hospice.

  • Ed is having health issues again. Pray for this situation.

  • Judy – Praise for her hand not needing a cast for the break.

  • Pray for Mike Cury as he has only 1 more week of treatements for Cancer.

  • JD & Shannon are returning home from College!

  • Susan’s Mom has MAC disease.

  • Pray for Janet for healing.

  • Pray for Josh’s Mom as she returns to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

  • Pray for Josh’s dad. He has Arthritis in his hand.

  • Pray for Paula as she has Pancreatic Cancer.

  • Pray for Michaels family as they travel home for Thanksgiving.

  • Please pray for Sydney L. teammate, Joshua & his family, because his Dad passed away!



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