Our Leadership

Faithpoint Senior Leadership Team

We have a Leadership Team that meets monthly (2nd Tuesday at 6:30pm) to keep us focused on our mission, vision, values & beliefs and help provide direction and leadership in our church. In addition to serving on the Leadership Team, each of these persons serves in one or two sub-teams of the Leadership Team and meets as needed to fulfill the requirements and needs of these sub-teams. If you would like to contact anyone from our Leadership Team, feel free to email them with your contact information and that person will get back with you. Or you can contact the Church Office at 812-923-0940.

Derrick Anderson (danderson@abelconstruct.com) – Trustee Chairperson (Grounds & Building)

Jill Coffey (vermin2u@yahoo.com) – Worship Band Liaison & Altar Team Chairperson

Rob Hudson (hudsonr791@gmail.com) – Leadership Team Chairperson & Security

Kenny Huff (kenny.huff@twc.com) – Missions Liaison & Hospitality

Gina Jackson (jacksonclan7@yahoo.com) – Staff Parish Relations Chairperson

Jeff Liddle (jeff_liddle@yahoo.com) – Kidzpoint & Point Liaison

Mark McKay (msmckay@outlook.com) – Assimilation, Discipleship, Men’s Ministry & Small Groups

Rob Slavens (rlbbbs85@yahoo.com) – Finance Chairperson

George Wasson (george@faithpointchurch.org) – Senior Pastor

Jami Weckstein (jweckstein308@gmail.com) – Women’s Ministry

Paula Wingler (winglerp@twc.com) – Cleaning & Fun

Ray Yeager (rayyea48@yahoo.com) – Prayer & Care Ministry

Faithpoint Ministry Team Leaders

Faithpoint Church seeks to get every member involved in ministry. We rely on dedicated team leaders to help us do that. If you are interested in any of the following teams, we encourage you to give the team leader a call or send them an email indicating your interest!
Kidzpoint – Wendy Moody (wendy@faithpointchurch.org)
The Point Youth Ministry – Josh Payne (josh@faithpointchurch.org)
Missions – Amy Detrick (amy.detrick@kyderby.com)
Altar Design – Jill Coffey (vermin2u@yahoo.com)
Worship Team – Stephanie Heitz (stephanie@faithpointchurch.org)